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Seamless Steel Pipe

Release date: 2014-7-1

Product detailed

The seamless steel pipe is processed from the steel of molten state. As compared with welded steel pipes, it has better performance, especially when it comes to the loading capacity. Due to this, our seamless pipes are extensively applied for high-pressure equipment as well as petroleum and geological industries.

Our seamless steel pipe falls into the hot rolled seamless tubing and the cold rolled or cold drawn seamless steel tube.
According to its applications, it is divided into general purpose steel pipes, low and medium pressure boiler pipes, high pressure boiler pipes, petroleum cracking pipes, and more.
Based on raw material category, there are alloy steel seamless pipes and stainless steel seamless pipes.

a. General Purpose Tubes
General purpose seamless steel pipes are mostly made of superior quality carbon steels, low alloy structural steels, or alloy steels such as 40Cr, 30CrMnSi, 45Mn2, and 40MnB. Both hot rolled and cold rolled types are available.
General purpose medium carbon steel seamless tubes are widely used to produce machinery and vehicle parts.

b. The Seamless Steel Tube for Boiler
This range of seamless steel pipe is usually made of quality carbon steels such as 20G, 20MnG and 25MnG; alloy steels such as 15MoG, 20MoG, 12CrMoG, 15CrMoG, 12Cr2MoG, 12CrMoVG, and12Cr3MoVSiTiB; as well as rust and heat resistant steels such as 1Cr18Ni9 and 1Cr18Ni11Nb.
All our seamless boiler tubes are delivered after heat treatment.

c. Seamless Steel Tube for Petroleum Cracking
In the petroleum refinery, this kind of tube can be used as the furnace tube, heat exchanger tube, or petroleum pipeline. It is made from the qualified 10/20 carbon steel, 12CrMo/15CrM alloy steel, 12Cr2Mo/15Cr5Mo heat resistant steel, or 1Cr18Ni9/1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel. Apart from the petroleum industry, this kind of seamless steel pipe also can be used as the chemical equipment pipeline or others.

d. Alloy-steel Tubes
Unlike the common type seamless steel, the alloy-steel tube has better performance. Containing much more Cr, it has better resistance to corrosion, low and high temperatures. Thus, our alloy steel pipes are widely used in the oil or petroleum industry.

Process Flow
Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipes
stands for the main inspection process.
Pipe billet preparation and inspection Pipe billet heating Punching Rolling Pierced billet heating Sizing Thermal treatment Finished tube straightening Finishing Inspection Storage

Cold Rolled / Cold Drawn Seamless Pipes
Pipe billet preparation Pickling & lubrication Cold rolling / Cold drawn Thermal Treatment Straightening Finishing Inspection

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