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Welded Steel Pipe

Release date: 2014-7-1

Product detailed

The welded steel pipe is welded from steel plate or strip steel through roll forming process.

By shape
According to the cross section shape, our welded steel tubes are classified into round pipes, square pipes, and rectangular pipes.

By welding method
Based on the welding method, it is classified into the straight seam welded pipe and the spiral welded pipe. Straight seam steel pipes feature simple production technique, which ensures higher production efficient and lower cost. Spiral pipes offer higher tensile strength, and can be made into different diameter versions using raw material of the same width. Our large diameter pipes are mostly spiral welded steel pipes; while smaller diameter ones are typically straight seam pipes.

Our spiral welded steel tube is further divided into the SSAW pipe and the high-frequency welded pipe.

By welding technique
In accordance with the welding technique, our welded steel pipes fall into ERW pipes, SAW pipes, continuous butt welded pipes, etc.

1. Our ERW steel pipes are often used in oil drilling and machinery manufacturing industries.
2. Continuous butt welded steel pipes typically serve as water or gas pipelines.
3. Our large diameter straight seam welded pipes are widely used for high pressure oil and gas delivering purposes.
4. Spiral welded pipes are great solutions for oil and gas transmission, as well as construction of steel piles and bridge piers.

Process Flow
Strip Steel Uncoiling---Strip Steel Leveling--- End Surface Processing--- Shaping---Welding Forming---Weld Bead Removal---Pre-correcting--- Inductive Heat Treatment---Sizing and Straightening---Eddy Current Testing---Cutting to Length--- Hydraulic Testing---Pickling---Final Inspection---Packing

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