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Special Steel

Release date: 2014-7-1

Product detailed

Our range of special steel products are manufactured using steel materials meeting the requirement of ASTM, ASME, AISI, SAE, API, EN, JIS, ST, SB, ISO, DIN, NFA, BS, IS, API, EU, SEW, UNI, and UNE. They can be made using a great variety of material grades, and the details are listed at the bottom of this page.

We have three big warehouses in Guangzhou, China. A complete range of qualified product materials are in stocks. That is to say, the timely delivery can be ensured. In addition, one-stop services will be offered. We have both processing and pre-treatment factories. In the surface pre-treatment services, we can also make the customers enjoy our other pre-treatment services, like cutting, welding, drilling holes, galvanizing by the lowest cost price.

C45 Steel Plate
This kind of special steel plate is manufactured according to EN 10083 standard. C45 is regarded as the high carbon steel. It supports quenching and tempering.

Item Steel Grade Comparison
EN 10083-2
JIS G 4051 S 45 C
DIN 17200 C 45
NFA 33-101 AF65-C 45
UNI 7846 C 45
BS 970 070 M 46
UNE 36011 C 45 k
SAE J 403-AISI 1042/1045
Chemical Composition
C45 C (%) Si(%) Mn (%) P (%) S (%) Cr (%)
0.42-0.50 0.15-0.35 0.50-0.80 0.025 0.025 0.20-0.40
Mechanical Properties
Grade Condition Yield Strength
R (Mpa)
Tensile Strength
A5 (%)
( )
Nominal Thickness
1.95mm t 10.0mm
Rolled Annealed
C45 Rolled
Water quenched;
Oil quenched
Min. recommended
bending radius
( 90)
2.0t 1.0t

In addition to C45 high carbon steel plates, we can also supply special steel of C35, C35K, and C40 series.

API 5L X52 Steel
The API 5L X52 series of special steel mainly includes steel plates and steel pipes. Our API 5L X52 steel pipes are mainly large diameter pipes, and our X52 steel plate is one of the main steel material for large diameter pipe manufacturing.

The API 5L X52 steel is the equivalent of EN10208, L360MB, DIN 17172, StE 360.7TM.

Item Steel Grade Comparison
X 52 API 5L Material #1.0587 DIN 17172 StE 360.7TM
EN10208-2 L360MB
Chemical Composition
Grade Material No. C (max.) Si (max.) Mn. P (max.) S (max.)
X52 1.0429 0.04-0.12 0.45 0.90-1.50 0.035 0.025
Mechanical properties
Grade Permissible Yield Point Ratio Yield Strength MPa (min.) Tensile Strength
Elongation % (min.)
X52 0.85 360 510-630 -

Other special steel types like API 5L X80, API 5L X70, API 5L X65, API 5L X60, are also provided for your choice.

DIN 17155 15Mo3 Steel Plate or Sheet
DIN 17155 15Mo3 boiler quality steel mainly serves as the pressure vessel steel. The type of special steel is equivalent to EN10028 16Mo3 and UNI5869 15Mo3, 15D3 (NFA 36205) and ASTM A204Gr.B.

DIN 17155
Steel Grade Comparison
EN 10028-2 16 Mo 3
NFA 36-205 15 D3
UNI 5869 15 Mo 3
BS 1501 1503 - 243 B
UNE 36087 16 Mo 3
ASTM A 204 Gr. B
JIS G3115 -
Chemical Composition
Grade C. max. Mn. S. N Cu Si. P. Cr. Ni. Mo.
15Mo3 0.12- 0.2 0.40- 0.90 0.01 0.012 0.30 0.35 0.025 0.30 0.30 0.25- 0.35
Mechanical Properties
Grade Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Strength
Elongation in 100-150 mm(%) Elongation in 16 mm(%) Max. Thickness
15Mo3 440-590 220-275 19 24 250

JIS3101 SS490 Steel Plate
SS490 steel plate is in full compliance with the JIS3101 standard. It belongs to high strength low alloy steel. JIS3101 SS490 steel plate is equal to DIN17100/St52-3, EN10025/S355JR, BS/50B, and UNI7070/Fe510B. SS400 steel is also available. Please feel freely to contact us for more information.

SS490/SM490A JIS3101 Steel Grade Comparison
EN10025:1990 FE 510 B
DIN17100 ST52-3
EN 10025-2 S355JR
NFA 35-501 E36-2
BS1449 50B
UNI7070 FE 510 B
Chemical Composition
Chemical Elements C 16mm
%,by mass 0.24 0.24 0.55 1.60 0.045 0.045
Mechanical properties
Thickness Yield Strength ReH [N/mm2] transv. min. Tensile Strength Rm
Fracture Elongation [%] transv. min. Notch Impact Energy1) Ch Complete sample longitude. Min. [J]
t 16mm t >16mm 355 345 20 degree 27J
t < 3mm t 3mm 510-680 490-630
Up to 1.5mm 1.51-2.00mm 2.01-2.50mm 2.51-2.99mm 3mm 13 14 15 16 20
Color Coated Steel and Cold Rolled Steel
Steel Type Standard/Grade/Use Grade of Color Steel
Standard Grade Use
Cold Rolled Steel Q/BQB 402 SPCC For general purpose TSPCC
SPCD For stamping TSPCD
Q/BQB 403 ST12 For general purpose TST12
ST13 For stamping TSECC
Electro-galvanized Steel Sheet Q/BQB 430 SECC For general purpose TSECC
Used to common home appliance TSECC
Q/BQB 431 BLCE+Z For general purpose TBLCE
BLDE+Z For stamping TBLDE
Hot Galvanized Steel Plate Q/BQB420 St01Z For general purpose TSt01
St02Z For machine seaming TSt02
St03 For stamping TSt03
StE280-2Z Constructional Steel TStE28
StE345-2Z TStE34
Q/BQB422 DC51D+Z For general purpose TDC51D
DC52D+Z For stamping TDC52D
S280GD+Z Structural Steel TS280GD
S350GD+Z TS350GS
S550D+Z TS550GD
Nominal Size
Item Continuous Cold-rolled Steel Plate Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel or Electrical-galvanized Steel
Thickness 0.3-2.0 0.3-2.0
Width 700-1550 700-1550

Material Grades
The main steel grades are S235JR, S355JR, S275JR, S275N, S275NL, S355N, S355NL, St37-2, St37-3N, St52-3, St523N, A283GrA/B/C/D, A36, A572Gr42/50, SS400, SS490, SM400A/B/C, SM490A/B/C, SM490YA/B, SM520B/C, P460N, P460 NH, P460 NL1, P460NL2, SM570, A572Gr60/65, A, B, X42, X48, S 235 J0WP, S 235 J2WP, A588grA, corten B, corten A, 16 Mo 3, A202 gr. A/B,E 295, E335,P235GH, P355GH, P275N, P275NL1, P355N, P355NL1, HII, DD11, DD1, SAE1010, SPHD, TStE285, TStE355, A517gr50/55/60/65/70/80, S355NC, S275M, S355M, S355ML, 19 Mn 6, 15 Mo 3,SPH235,1 7Mn4, SG255, SG295, C35, C55, C35k, C45k, S35C, S45C, 304, 316, 309S, 310S, 321, 410, 410S, 420, 420J1, 430 and so on.

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