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Silicon Steel, CRNGO Steel

Release date: 2014-7-1

Product detailed

As an experienced steel coil and steel sheet manufacturer, we mainly produce cold rolled non grain-oriented steel which is often abbreviated to CRNGO. This type of cold rolled silicon steel undergoes stress relieving treatment to ensure dimensional stability, and it is available in the form of coils.

Silicon steel is also known as electrical steel or silicon electrical steel. It is a type of specialty steel tailored for electrical applications where electromagnetic fields are necessary. It is extensively used in the production of small relays, generators, motors, transformers, ballast, etc. Often manufactured in the form of laminations, it minimizes the physical dimension of various kinds of power equipment. According to its applications, it is also often called relay steel, transformer steel, and lamination steel.

1. Our CRNGO silicon steel meets international standards such as AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, and JIS.
2. It comes with a uniform layer of insulating coating, thus delivering increased electrical resistance between laminations.
3. The electrical steel offers low iron loss and high magnetic flux strength. Also, it has high resistance to heat and corrosive elements.
4. Its thickness is slightly different along its horizontal and longitudinal directions, which contributes to the high lamination factor.
5. With outstanding processability, the non grain-oriented electrical steel can be easily punched and cut into the one with accurate size.
6. It comes with smooth surface, and is free from the rust, rolling mark, cold lap, crease, or bubble. No delamination will appear.
7. Our cold rolled silicon steel is in full compliance with various domestic and international environmental regulations, and it has been approved by SGS.

Quick Details
Processing Technique Cold Rolled Surface Treatment Insulating Coating
Standard AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS Width 25-1250mm
Model No. CRNGO Grade 50WW800, W600
Detailed Information
Density 7.75kg/dm3
Iron Loss 4.409W/Kg (f=50Hz B=1.5T)
Magnetic Flux Strength 1.674T ((f=50Hz H=5000A/M))
Surface Insulation Resistance 300/mm2
Tensile Strength Extended Length 36% (387MPa)
Lamination Factor 97%
Mini. number of Bends 10 Times
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Standard export seaworthy packing
Delivery 10 days after received the advance payment

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