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Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet

Release date: 2014-7-1

Product detailed

The corrugated steel sheet uses hot dip galvanized steel as the base metal, delivering long lasting resistance to corrosion. According to client-side demand, we can also produce corrugated sheets with hot dip galvalume steel sheet as the substrate.

Our galvanized corrugated steel sheet primarily serves as corrugated roof sheet and corrugated wall cladding for steel structure houses, mobile homes, industrial buildings, prefab houses, as well as all sorts of large public facilities such as airports, railway stations, stadiums, music halls, theatres, and many others.

1. Based on its application, our galvanized corrugated steel sheet is divided into the roofing sheets, wall panel, and so forth. Under such conditions, it is usually used in combination with color coated steel sheets with smooth surface, so as to provide better decorative effect.
2. The product is classified into high, medium, and low-corrugation types according to the height of ridge. The high-corrugation type comes with ridge height over 70mm, and the low type has ridge height less than 30mm.
3. Classified according to the connection method, the metal plate is available in lap joint, undercut, and fastening types. Undercut and fastening types with high or medium-corrugation height are typically used as metal roofing sheet for places with high requirement of water resistance. The lap joint type with low corrugation height is widely used in construction applications serving as wall cladding.

1. The corrugated steel sheet is aesthetical and unique in appearance. Together with plentiful colors, it is highly decorative. It can help create your desired buildings with different styles.
2. It has lightweight of only 6 to 10kg per square meters; while its yield strength is from 250 to 550Mpa.
3. While offering great resistance to water, fire, and shock, the corrugated sheet is easy for construction and installation, which will greatly shorten the construction period. No maintenance is needed.
4. In addition to galvanized steel sheet, the sheet steel can also use other types of base metals such as titanium alloy plate, stainless steel, etc.,

The corrugated steel sheet comes with zinc coating weight between 60 and 180g. Its thickness ranges from 0.135 to 1.0 mm, and the width from 750 to 1250 mm. We can produce 10,000 tons of this type of corrugated metal sheet every year.

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