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Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coil

Release date: 2014-7-3

Product detailed

The pre-painted galvanized steel coil is also called color coated steel coil or simply color steel. Its galvanized steel substrate is firstly pre-painted or coated with a layer of organic film before it is baked.
1. The zinc coating, coupled with the organic coating, effectively protects the steel sheet from corrosion and rusting. In comparison with galvanized steel sheets, our pre-painted galvanized steel coil is 50% longer in service life.
2. While offering light weight and aesthetical appearance, the product also supports direct and easy processing.

As an expert in PPGI sheet, we can manufacture ultra thin color coated steel sheet in coil that comes with high tensile strength. The minimum thickness we can make is 0.14mm, and the maximum thickness could be up to 1.5mm. This product is 600 to 1500mm in width. Its zinc coating layer thickness ranges from 60 to 275g/m2, and the maximum paint thickness is up to 25mm. Additionally, we can produce pre-painted galvanized steel coils according to client-side demands.

Our range of pre-painted steel products meet standards such as JIS, ASTM, EN, SGCC, GRADE 550, and so on.

The pre-painted galvanized steel coil is an energy efficient and pollution-free solution when applied to industries such as construction, shipbuilding, furniture making, domestic appliance, and more. After processing, the coil can be widely utilized as wall panel, roofing sheet, decoration material, electrical appliance housing, etc.

Available Types
We can offer different types of pre-painted galvanized steel sheet in coil by using different coatings, so as to meet the application demands in varied industries. Details are listed in the following table.

Type Performance Application
Polyester Painted Good processability, corrosion resistance, universal type Roof, household items, door and window, others
Silicone Resin Painted Excellent weatherproof and anti-corrosive performances, good workability. Indoor and outdoor decoration, roofing material in coastal region, composite board
Polymer Resin Painted High glossy, beautiful color, prominent workability. Housing for refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines
Fluorine Resin Painted Ultra weatherproof property within 20 years, resistance to chemicals Chemical industrial area, composite board, roof in coastal region
Textured Surface Type Good resistance to abrasion, outstanding surface texture, good workability. Stereo, DVD shell, computer housing
For blackboard It is easy to write on or clean. Good hardness, and anti-abrasion performance Blackboard, white board
PVC Film Coated Highly decorative, beautiful color, excellent resistance to chemicals. Domestic appliances, furniture, fireproof door, indoor decoration.

Technological Process
Uncoiler -------Sewing Machine------Compression Roller ------Tension Machine----Uncoiling Loop -----Alkaline Cleaning and Degreasing ------Washing-----Stoving ------Passivating -------Stoving------Preliminary Coating-------Preliminary Stoving------Fine Painting------Paint Stoving------Air Cooling------Loop Rolling-----Rewinding Machine

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